It’s Time

I self referred for some support a couple of months back.  My moderate/severe depression and moderate anxiety diagnosis were expected.  Time for some CBT. I’ve been here before, I do find it helpful and I want to avoid meds (I disliked my experience of them previously not that I don’t think they are helpful and a life line to some).

What I was not prepared for was the PTSD diagnosis. Its borderline but enough that the support they have offered me is half focused on this. I found my reaction to this difficult.  Negative. Unfounded.  Why?


Next week we start to delve here … I’m petrified. I feel physically Ill.  It’s going to hurt – it already is and I havn’t started yet.  Maybe it’s not such an out there diagnosis after all.

I have to face it. I can’t run. I’ve done that for more than half my life. Its time.

The stigma surrounding mental health needs to be broken down – the first place is with ourselves.


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