All I Need

Sometimes we need others to see, 

To understand our value

And appreciate our power

Sometimes another can show us

How truly special we are

And how amazing we can be

Sometimes our glasses are smeared

We can’t see what others do

And doubt our worth and right to love

Thank you for each small reminder

That you see the good in me

Sometimes knowing that is all I need



You’re a failure; 

A drain, 

Going slightly insane

A waste of space; 

Of air, 

No wonder no one cares

Why do you try

To fight? 

Will darkness turn to light



Your heart silently moans

You are the cause;

The blame

The reason for your pain

When oh when

Will you just say stop

7 Years

Clasped my finger tight, 

Wiped away my tears and

Hugged with all your might

Tucked me in snug and warm, 

Gently stroked my hair and

By my side wethered the storm

Too often it seems, 

You’re here for me and 

I’m the child in need

I may have grown you,  

Yet it’s you whom nurtures me

And helps see me through

I hope you know I love you so

And somehow continue to grow;

To be happy,  safe and free