Hidden Torment

The world rushes past

I sit alone;

Lost, scared;

Fading fast


Friends joke and chit chat

I nod quietly;

Mute, numb;

Feeling flat


The kids laugh and play

I force a smile;


The pain away


Longing to feel joy

Desperate, hoping;


Wont destroy



My Monster

It washes over

Quietly manipulating

Every thought and every hope747fed6c59955ca57478a01921e3014e


It rushes through

Joyfully tangling

Every emotion and every dream


It brings darkness

Shadows dancing into

Every partition and beam of light


It cackle’s gleefully

Painfully dismissing

Every triumph and every love


It knocks on your shoulder

Claws at your throat

Every muscle and every breath


It encase’s and engulfs

Wraps its claws tightly around

Dragging you down, deep and alone