It’s hard to ignore the fear

The worries that overwhelm me

Based purely upon

Genetic Make up16112772_1636384659998599_5305289750530160523_o

Your lack of Y chromosome

Your caramel skin

Your parents absent income


I question daily how to instil

The knowledge that

You deserve it all

Whilst preparing for

The challenges

The barriers

The privileges you’ll lack


You’ll have to fight harder my dear

Forgive many an ignorance

Take time to educate

15392776_1622417828061949_422029615844028081_oAnd learn not to resent

Always love

Always hope

Always remember

You are my greatest achievement

Shining bright from the moment

You first took breath

Never forget

Never question

Never deny

You are you

And there is nothing more sublime

With thanks to @CharlieRawPhotography




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