Dark Eyes

A Smile can mask
A thousand truths
Yet cannot conceal
Pain behind your eyes
I look,  I see, I feel

You lie,  “all’s good”
Your doing fine
Hurt too hard to bear
Shake within your voice
I notice and I hear

Muted response
Silence deafens
Spoken fear a waste
Heartbreak, sorrow, grief
The bitterness I taste


Beauty within lines
Spirit defined
Life lived
Despite heart adrift
Every loved ones
Mark stains
Carried everywhere
Legacy share
True, frail
Mysterious trail
Mapping voyage
Passion, pain, glory
Retelling a
Of each life touched
New lines construct
Carry forth
Given life; rebirth
Upon new face
Your grace


Thank you my Love

At your weakest
When others glimpse the darkest
Corners of your mind
Every action questioned
All words analysed
Interpretates hate
Within moments of kind

A thankless task
To love someone with a mask
The truth of pain hurts
Sorrow no reflection
Of your affection
But a distortion
Bad thoughts,  mind endorse

Mountains of love
Can’t rid the darkness above
Each tiny gesture
Between angry exchange
Emotions interchange
Giving endless hope
Forever I treasure

With thanks to @Charlierawphotography