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MP calls for Government to do more to address mental health in Portsmouth

Stephen Morgan

Portsmouth MP Stephen Morgan has called for more to be done to support people with mental health services in the city.

This call comes after the revelation that Solent NHS Trust is one of only nine mental health trusts in England to have suffered a year on year decline in its income (in real terms).

The trust, according to new research published this week from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, has seen its income fall from £ 210,139,000 in 2011/12, to £180,675,000 in 2016/17 and has seen its income fall every year since 2012.

Mental health trusts across the country have less money to spend on patient care in real terms than they did in 2012, and there are fears within the sector that some of that money is failing to reach the frontline.

This is despite the Government’s assertion that mental health spending is at “record” levels.

It comes…

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