Wild storms raging
Strong tides crashing
Slowly drowning
Each gasping breath
A little less enthusiastic
As hope sinks
To the sea bed

Clouds draw in
Darker each day
Emptiness grows
Light extinguised
Thunder crashes; lightening relieve
Hollow soul
Takes flight above


Dark Eyes

A Smile can mask
A thousand truths
Yet cannot conceal
Pain behind your eyes
I look,  I see, I feel

You lie,  “all’s good”
Your doing fine
Hurt too hard to bear
Shake within your voice
I notice and I hear

Muted response
Silence deafens
Spoken fear a waste
Heartbreak, sorrow, grief
The bitterness I taste

Behind Closed Doors

Dimples pronounced
Smile spread wide
Jolly tones
Laugh magnified
Truth brushed aside

Until door closes
Gasped breath
Time frozen
Lost all strength
Slow, painful death

Falling, sinking
Lost all hope
Joy starvation


Beauty within lines
Spirit defined
Life lived
Despite heart adrift
Every loved ones
Mark stains
Carried everywhere
Legacy share
True, frail
Mysterious trail
Mapping voyage
Passion, pain, glory
Retelling a
Of each life touched
New lines construct
Carry forth
Given life; rebirth
Upon new face
Your grace


Who am I?

Searching;  for answers
Without knowledge of the question
Exploring options
Someone must have a suggestion

Researching; treatment
For an illness undiagnosed
Flicking through pages
Every promising gateway closed

Exploring;  own self
One day to truly comprehend
Missing who I am
No longer wanting to pretend


Dead eyes
Give away the game
I already see me in them
Some days I question
What’s really more damaging?
Do they stand a better chance Without my impression

Fake smile
Held for wider world
Unsustainable each moment;
We share together
Learning through observation
Imbedding negativity
Masking all life’s pleasure

Gift you
Shot at happiness
By removing overbearing
Dark cloud I impose
Wish grief could be avoided
Lesser of unfortunate evil
Sacrifice for you to grow

Scratched Record

Mind on repeat
Scratched record
Over and over
I want to die

Every silenced moment
Episode of fear
When the lights turn out
I want to die

Between false smile
Exaggerated laugh
Magical moments
I want to die

How to express
Make it crystal clear
Can’t voice the words
I want to die

Want to be saved
Whilst wishing you could
Help me achieve
My want to die