When darkness descends

Blackness consumes

A shadow of pain envelopes

Hope lost and grief resumes


Constantly battling

Forgotten loss

Your colours and light deserted

Glimmers engulfed in moss


Grasping towards beams

Searching for hues

Treading water ’til ignition

Dots of red,  yellow and blues


Never stop searching

With all your might

For inevitable rainbow

That beams despite lost light



EJ @gigglesandtears_poetry 


Screaming evil
Voices persistant
In their critisism
Hope long since distant

An ugly waste
Unlovable drain
With irrelevant thought
Other people’s pain

All I can hear
Constantly drumming
Each day belief erodes
Self hatred flooding

Frantic despair
Pure hatred defined
Desperate for quiet
Terminate my mind

Dark Eyes

A Smile can mask
A thousand truths
Yet cannot conceal
Pain behind your eyes
I look,  I see, I feel

You lie,  “all’s good”
Your doing fine
Hurt too hard to bear
Shake within your voice
I notice and I hear

Muted response
Silence deafens
Spoken fear a waste
Heartbreak, sorrow, grief
The bitterness I taste